Mission: Evolve the capital projects industry through sharing of knowledge for optimized leadership, delivery, and performance.

The Institute for Leadership in Capital Projects (I-LinCP):

•     Uses inclusive, collaborative methods with a consortium of members who are involved in capital projects and facilities.
•     Offers educational and leadership growth opportunities, including co-learning  between students and professionals.
•     Conducts initiatives and research and development projects that result in more effective and sustainable processes, tools and techniques.  
•     Organizes conferences, discussions, and other knowledge-sharing venues through a variety of technologies and methods.
•     Partners and affiliates with other public, private, and industry organizations and communities to create positive relationships and synergistic outcomes.

Value to Members, Stakeholders, Partners and Communities:

I-LinCP members, project stakeholders, organizational partners and communities receive the value from capital projects with less waste in time and fiscal resources, and improved leadership and sustainability. I-LinCP supports other nonprofits, community activities and projects through financial and service resources.

Areas of Focus:

+ Leadership and ethics
+ Trust-building
+ Communications and accountability
+ Building effective teams
+ Program and project management
+ Pre-project planning
+ Project funding and financing
+ Project delivery processes (e.g. integrated project delivery)
+ Best practices (e.g. Lean)
+ Sustainability, energy efficiency, and green building
+ Tools and technologies (e.g. BIM)
+ Conflict and dispute resolution
+ Community relations
+ Industry improvements at the state and national levels

Connecting and Collaborating:

In-person and virtual meetings and gatherings provide opportunities for learning and sharing of ideas and information, lessons-learned, new developments, and formulation of new Initiatives.  These take the form of conferences, such as the already successful LinCP Forums, round-tables, person-to-person meetings and interviews,  webinars and conference calls.

Focused Initiatives:

Focused work teams form Initiatives to address industry issues, improve existing processes, invent and refine new tools and techniques, and build new best practices.

White Papers and Publications:

White papers and research papers are produced and published, which help establish I-LinCP and its members as expert sources for industry information.

Funding for I-LinCP:      
I-LinCP is funded through memberships, sponsorships, event registrations, sales of products and services, gifts and grants.  

Leadership Opportunities:

Opportunities for leadership are available on the I-LinCP Board, on the advisory panel, on committees, and within Initiatives.  Students are encouraged to participate. I-LinCP members and representatives are encouraged to promote I-LinCP work through alternative venues and to speak at related conferences.

Carol Warkoczewski, Founder and Executive Director
Office: 512-263-5521
Email: carol@i-lincp.org