iCMS Group is a disruptive innovative R & D. By means of automated intelligence on your unstructured information & knowledge, our programs and the pragmatic approach empower your organization at any level, valorizing your expertise.

Our mission is to deliver JERI® – Just Enough Relevant Information, where and when needed.

We have been working with local governments, transportation, construction & engineering, manufacturing and consulting companies since 1999 and our client list includes big names such as Ahlers, Endress+Hauser, Deloitte, EuroMold (Nexans), Ministry of Justice in Belgium and many others…

ICMS collaborates with the research department of the K.U. Leuven - specifically the department of information and knowledge management. Together we have developed the TINK method (TINK is short for Transferring Information and Knowledge) – a method for storing and enriching information with context and using this context to present, retrieve, link, report and re-use an organisation’s available information and knowledge.

Our TiNK® technology is designed especially for companies, teams and professionals to create business value. We believe that using TiNK® technology, you will be able to find the most optimal way of capturing crucial knowledge, creating valuable business content and identifying and bringing up the right experts in the domain of your concern, both within and/or outside the company.

With over 500 cases of delivering advice and solutions, we can safely state that we are one of the most experienced organisations in this domain. Our expertise lies in:

•     eliminating redundancy and chances of incorrect information
•     identifying and dealing with critical success factors for information and knowledge management
•     inspiring innovation by pushing different professionals towards the same sets of information
•     establishing a higher level of integrity by improving accuracy (thanks to more eyes on the same information)
•     improving the likelihood of confidentiality by eliminating unreliable copies or subsets of information
•     reducing and/or controlling costs more effectively by spending precious resources on maintaining and protecting the same information assets and supporting system resources.

ICMS core technology has features and computational models that result in the following domains of application and usage.

Object oriented data-information-knowledge management:

Virtual dynamic folders (patented)
Knowledge watchers
Data objects
Search & find

Information intelligence:

Context-driven security
Context-driven workflow

People profiling:

Expert profile
Interest profile
Knowledge need profile

Information usage:

Contextual fuzzy associations
Authoring & re-use
Topic clustering & text-mining
Modular writing & conditional publishing

The TINK platform is viewed as the ERP for information and knowledge management. TINK platform by ICMS Group offers a pragmatic and integrated solution that deals with creation, management, dissemination and use of unstructured information. Thanks to the TINK method and accompanying technology, our customers experience a productivity gain of 25 to 100% in less than 1 year.