iLA, The Inspired Living Application, is a one of a kind, mobile application that makes it possible for the average, every day person, to profit from the exploding mobile application industry.  The iLA application delivers a high quality, professionally produced, personal development video to your mobile device on a weekly basis.   With iLA you will receive practical information from top professionals in their fields on topics ranging from:
Goal setting
Time management
Personal development
Business development
Leadership development
Financial management
Personal motivation, and more
  In addition to having content delivered to your mobile device you will have access to iLA’s ever expanding video archive.  At your convenience, you can access iLA’s content rich library to review past videos and explore subjects that interest you.  Even if you don’t have a mobile device you can still enjoy iLA from a traditional website and be encouraged to reach for new levels of excellence in your life.
  With iLA you will regularly be encouraged, motivated, and inspired to achieve your goals, excel in business, relationships, health, and enjoy success in your life.  
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  Along with fantastic content, iLA is the first and only mobile application that makes it possible for you to make money.  With iLA’s matrix program (see the link, ‘The Compensation’) you can ....
Pay off debt
Prepare for retirement
Work from home
Enjoy more time with your family
Make your own hours
Be your own boss, and more
Get Motivated!
Sign up here: http://www.ilivingapp.com/rwhitener
Enrollment Options
With iLA there are 3 ways to be involved.

1. Free enrollment

         a. Delivery of the weekly video content
         The free enrollment does not include access to the
         video archive, replicated site, or the ability to earn in the matrix program.
2. Retail Customer - $6.95 per month
         a. Delivery of the weekly video content
         b. Access to the video archive
         A retail customer does not get a replicated site and can not earn from the matrix program.
3. Associate - $9.95 per month
    a. Delivery of the weekly video content
    b. Access to the video archive
    c. Personal website
    d. Ability to earn from the matrix program

For more information, or to sign up go to: http://www.ilivingapp.com/rwhitener
Refund Policy

iLA offers a 30 day refund to retail customers and associates