I Love This Diet is an online weight loss program that uses popular, low-calorie frozen meal brands available in supermarkets. All I Love This Diet approved frozen meals are carefully screened for sodium and rated by taste, nutritional value and how filling they are.

Dieters are assigned one of five calorie levels between 1300 and 1850 calories per day, based on their gender and current weight. As they lose weight, their calorie level changes accordingly.

Members access their personalized "Daily Food Journal" online where they can browse and select all approved foods with a click (or a tap on their mobile device). The Daily Food Journal continuously counts their calories for them and lets them know when they’ve met their nutritional requirements for the day.

More Than Frozen Meals

When dieters aren’t in the mood for a frozen meal, they may select from one of the Salad Guide or Recipe Guide options. I Love This Diet also allows dieters to choose from a wide variety of tasty, low-calorie snacks from popular manufacturers.

To ensure healthy weight loss, dieters are required to eat fruit, vegetables, and dairy (or dairy substitutes), as well as I Love This Diet approved breakfasts.

To help its members save money, I Love This Diet provides coupons and money-saving tips for frozen meals and other approved foods.

Help is Always Available

Video tutorials show new members how to use the diet. Members share their own helpful tips in the I Love This Diet Forums.

The World's Easiest Diet

I Love This Diet provides the perfect solution for busy, budget-minded dieters. It's inexpensive and requires little cooking.

"Jenny Craig is a great plan, but it can easily cost $500 - $600 per month in food and shipping costs," said I Love This Diet spokesperson Sophia Baros. "Our members enjoy a delicious frozen meal diet plan for a fraction of the cost, with three times the variety."

Ms. Baros stresses that I Love This Diet is a completely independent company, and has no relationship with any of the manufacturers of the frozen entrées and other foods used in the diet plan. "We choose our foods due to their positive nutritional characteristics, as well as their low cost and wide availability."