What is iMoneyCoach? Life Coaching.

Great athletes, successful business people, and high achievers in the performing arts all use coaches for one reason - to get better at what they do. A coach takes an outside view, offering insights that aren’t visible otherwise, because we all have blind spots.

Financial Life Coaching™ is the long-term process of goal setting, training, and encouragement to help you take focused action to achieve your goals.

Financial Life Coaching™ takes a unique approach to your personal finances. We do not promote a "one-size-fits-all" mentality, nor do we believe in a "quick fix" when it comes to your money. Your financial freedom is our vision, purpose, and goal.

iMoneyCoach uses a personalized perspective to financial management, which sets us apart from other traditional financial models. In our program your Coach will walk you through an interactive process as we look for barriers to your financial independence, and help you make the necessary changes to achieve success.

We find that financial problems are never financial at their core. People come back for help year after year with the same problems that mechanics can not fix. Their debt is often caused by something they might never have thought could be related to their finances.

Why does this happen? All people have 5 major life segments.

1. Spiritual
2. Personal.
3. Relationships
4. Occupational
5. Financial

When the first four segments begin to fail, finances are often used to artificially support the other segments - but that doesn't address the problem.

We have the answer. Get in touch with us to learn why "money is the smallest part of your finances" and how we can help you attain life balance and from that, financial freedom.