With a dire need for iPhone cases that are made with an out-of-the-box approach, ONOTONE has taken it upon themselves to meet the demand with the new ONOTONE Sakura Collection.

The Sakura Collection comes in three different soothing colors: black iPhone cases, red iPhone cases and blue iPhone cases. Each color features three different alluring designs: sakura flowers, dragonflies and polka dots. These designs are carved on the bamboo surface of the iPhone case. The Sakura Collection cases are a protective solution that hasn't existed before and guarantees not just safety but also an aesthetic quality that you will not find elsewhere. The Sakura Collection cases are made with sturdy, ultra thin bamboo and rubberized plastic. They are about 1 mm in thickness and do not add additional bulk to your iPhone.

“We are inspired with the traditional Japanese designs,” cited one of the company’s designers. ”We came up with these three unique designs that match the busy life of an urban individual.” The Sakura Collection strongly emphasizes modernism and minimalism that come out of traditionalism.
When compared with all other iPhone cases in the market, ONOTONE’s always take the upper hand. The cutouts for the silent switch, lightning cable, speakers, lock buttons and volume are all positioned perfectly in order to facilitate maximum functionality for your iPhone.

These iPhone cases are exceptionally lightweight and provide satisfying dynamics of natural wood grain with carved sakura flowers/dragonflies/polka dots. The Collection also guarantees a maximum durability without drying, cracking or sign of wear.

Destined specifically for iPhone 8 plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 7, and iPhone X, the ONOTONE iPhone cases are about to take the market by storm with their unique look and features. The suggested retail price is US $29.95 with $5 off during the launch week. For a limited period of time, ONOTONE is offering free shipping within the USA from their website:http://www.onotone.com.

ONOTONE is a Seattle-based accessory company that has been established since 2017. The company designs and manufactures stylish iPhone cases, MacBook skins and other essentials. ONOTONE was founded by a group of individuals who wanted to deliver simple-stylish designs to enhance unique lifestyles.