iRed is a team of industry leading Thermography consultants providing thermographic inspections, specialist training and advice. Working in commercial and domestic settings throughout the UK,  we undertake interior and exterior surveys, utilising eye level and aerial techniques.

Our expert team produces Thermographic imaging which captures building performance data, highlighting anomalies outside the expected or required norms of functionality for any particular environment, referencing the appropriate regulatory defined parameters for the individual building.

This non invasive process can be used as an effective maintenance tool to detect areas of electrical inadequacy or failure, to precisely locate possible plumbing deterioration or compromised pipe insulation, and to safeguard against potential unseen hazards within the buildings fabric.

Importantly, this type of inspection can accurately assess continuity of insulation, air leakage, thermal bridging and moisture compromise to provide detailed analysis of environmental impact and heat loss through key, defined areas. This is valuable information when considering long terms cost reductions and, the now mandatory requirement to assess and report emissions through compliance with the
Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme (CRC).

iRed is committed to the continual assessment and improvement of technological approaches and interpretive research techniques.  We work closely with the British Institute of Non Destructive Testing (BINDT) and the United Kingdom Thermographic Association (UKTA) to ensure our approach is perfectly aligned with set industry standards.

Commercially, our equipment and imaging software is unrivalled, but then so too is the quality of our people. Our nationwide fleet of Thermograhic Imaging  Surveyors are iRed trained, meeting the industry benchmark for research, delivery and interpretation.

Our commitment, integrity and enthusiasm is contagious.  Call our team now for a sensible conversation and a no obligation quote