Specialized Learning Experience Consulting. School Search, Admissions Process & Financial Aid Application Assistance. Because Every Child Deserves a Quality Education.

iSearch Schools offers specialized assistance and guidance in seeking learning experiences for children. Founded on the core belief that every child deserves a quality education, iSearch Schools recognizes that every child is unique and for this reason provides a personal school search and admission process to best fit their needs.

iSearch Schools is a school search and advisory service. Our services are specialized and flexible to accommodate the personal needs of each family. Save time and anxiety by allowing us to share our knowledge and expertise.

Many parents do not explore the possibility of independent or alternative schools for their children because they fear the high tuition fees. Other parents find the admissions process daunting or simply too complicated and competitive, so they rule out sending their children to special or selective public schools.

The process of obtaining a quality education for your child shouldn’t be scary or overwhelming. Let iSearch Schools lead and advise you. Your children deserve an excellent educational experience. All children do. Need-based financial aid is available at most private schools.

About Val Ambrose, Owner/CEO:

Val Ambrose’s love and passion for securing specialized, quality education experiences developed initially from a very personal place--her role as a mother. While applying for independent schools in New York City for her son, four years old at that time, Val quickly realized how complex and involved the decision-making and admissions process was. She took charge by conducting an initial school search on her own and visiting dozens of schools--some multiple times. She had her son tested. Applications went to eight schools, five private and three selective public schools. Other parents took note of her successful navigation of what they viewed as an intimidating and competitive undertaking. Val found herself lending her expertise and knowledge to the other parents. She walked them through the entire process from selecting the right schools for their children, to applying for admissions and even securing financial aid in some cases. Val was not only successful in each case; she found she loved the experience of guiding parents in need.

Since that point, Val has continued to lend her expertise to others developing her skills and knowledge into the personal education guidance and consulting business, iSearch Schools. Success, the passionate belief that every child deserves a quality education and simply the love of helping others are what iSearch Schools was founded on and represents.

Education has been a core focus of vocation for Val as she worked in higher education at Columbia University for seven years, holding student services and communications positions. Her first-hand experience of the inner workings of this prestigious institution, prove quite beneficial when developing educational plans and strategies. This combined with her real-life, hands-on experiences in securing learning experiences for numerous children--including her own--make for a winning combination regarding education consulting. This allows Val to see the process from both the parents’ and the schools’ perspectives making her instrumentally valuable in searching for, identifying and applying to the choice school.

Assisting parents in identifying the distinctive, ideal education that best fits their child motivates Val--it brings her joy. Finding a school can be daunting and even overwhelming for parents. Val thoroughly enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise while relieving anxieties as she guides parents through the admissions process and also help to open their eyes to the many possibilities that exist for their child that they may have otherwise never pursued or considered. Val’s enthusiasm and dedication to her work translates into a personal, specialized experience for each client at iSearch Schools.