iTarget is revolutionizing home firearm training.  Safe, affordable, and fun - iTarget works by using a Laser Bullet in your actual firearm.  The Laser Bullets are available in all popular calibers, and are designed to stay in the weapon after each shot and not get ejected.

iTarget includes a sled that holds both your cell phone and a target in such a way that the phone's camera is pointed at the target.  The iTarget App is designed to "watch" the target with the phone's camera and to react when the target is shot with the Laser Bullet.

Working from great distances because of the powerful laser modules used in the Laser Bullets, iTarget is an incredibly fun system to practice target shooting anywhere and anytime.  

iTarget is an innovative new product, being the first product of its kind to be accurate, affordable and offering so many features.  Other Laser Training Systems start at over $350 and can go up to thousands of dollars.  iTarget offers greater accuracy and lower cost, putting this firearm training system within reach of the average consumer.

iTarget is currently running an indieGoGo fundraising campaign and is offering a deal to the first 100 purchasers where they can get the iTarget Sled and a Laser Bullet of their choice for only $89.
Find out more about iTarget by watching the video demonstration at: