In an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, our team at iTrust has decided to take our award-winning technology and develop it into a cloud app, called iTrustPass that enables businesses to health-screen their employees, customers, and vendors. We help create a safer space and reduce the risk of contagion by pre-screening attendees for risk factors prior to entering a physical facility. Our goal is to get people back to their everyday lives in a safe and easy manner. We offer the iTrustPass platform to small businesses for free, to help them get back to business faster during these difficult times.

The process is easy. Businesses subscribe to our service and direct their employees, customers, and vendors to the iTrustPass app. Prior to visiting the facility users go online or download the mobile app, create a free online profile, and respond to a series of survey questions. The app validates the users’ identity, analyzes and correlates multiple data points using artificial intelligence, and generates a risk rating: green for fast entry (low risk), yellow for secondary screening (cautionary), or red for entry denied (high risk). Risk ratings are displayed as a secure two-dimensional QR code on the users mobile device. When entering a business facility, the user displays their QR code on their mobile device which is scanned by the business using a companion enterprise mobile app. The user’s code is authenticated and either cleared for fast entry or directed for secondary screening such as a thermal scan. Most importantly high-risk end-users are typically screened-out before they arrive, reducing potential onsite contagion and emotional disappointment.

To learn more visit www.iTrustPass.com/lp