Graphic communications and web design and writing. Specializing in promoting public service and environmentally-sound programs.

Promoted recycling centers and the recycling habit in 13 Chicago area communities.

Produced public service announcements for the Earth Network television show.

Produced 1990 Earth Day event in the Chicago area.

Produced advertising campaigns and promotional material promoting jobs for older workers.

Founded the Telecommuting Jobs website in 1996, promoting getting computer workers off the road and working from home.

Promoted public transit, creating ads and TV for the Chicago Transit Authority.

Produced ads and promotional materials for Abbott Labs natural pesticides.

Produced ads and promotional materials and website work promoting medical providers and advanced medical records technology.

Produced anti-teen-smoking website.

Produced promotional materials for IIT environmental management degree program.

Produced home energy conservation promotional materials.

Developed two passive solar homes.

Invented a pedal-operated generator for kids to watch TV, which received Readers Digest and international coverage and interviews on TV and radio shows, and plans were sent to third world countries for those who had no electrical power.