The International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) represents Microsoft's best of breed partners from around the globe. Our organization was formed in 1994 and provides Microsoft Partners a voice into Microsoft programs, to the IT community at large, as well as a vehicle to facilitate mutual growth and business development among partners. The non-profit organization is operated by an annually elected board of directors, and is funded through membership fees and sponsor grants. For more details - http://iamcp.site-ym.com/?page=About

The IAMCP - United States has over 40 chapters throughout the continental United States. Through membership meetings, social networking events and local websites, IAMCP - United States chapters’ link members with each other and with industry news from Microsoft. When you join an IAMCP - US chapter you're on your way to accessing networking capabilities and skill sets normally limited to only big name consultancies. For information about joining the IAMCP see the Join Us page - http://www.iamcp-us.org/general/register_start.asp