Founded in 1973, IAMTech (A CPD Limited Company) started life as industrial plant model makers and over the last 40 years have grown into a leading hub for the development of innovative technology solutions for the Oil, Gas, Chemical and Power industries.

Combining this first hand, industry experience with our ever growing partnerships with world-leading industrial organisations, enables IAMTech to understand the technology needs of industry. Using this position as our foundation has enabled us to build an impressive portfolio of products and services available for you today.

Our software products lead the way in terms of innovation in a bid to enable industry to enjoy the advancements readily available in other markets, whilst ensuring that they are user-friendly, safe, increase asset effectiveness and reduce costs.

We don't just build our technology for use in the enterprise or desktop - we are experts in the mobile space, enabling real time on site data capture, increasing your situational awareness.

Our engineers are readily available to undertake bespoke agile software projects, enabling your workflows to be made readily available on intrinsically safe mobile computing platforms through to management dashboards in your control rooms and boardrooms.

We are proud of our enviable client list and that our software products are utilised in 23 countries around the world.

We strive to continually build long standing, transparent relationships with our clients, who we consider as partners. Integrity is not just something on a values poster! We ensure our partners always have the best of us, the best systems, the best service, the best value.

When you choose to do business with IAMTech you'll benefit from our years of empirical experience in your field. We know your pain – because we felt that pain when we were sat in your chair as employees of asset operators - Now we are here to help you! What are you waiting for?