iBonus365 is currently pre-launch and we are in ongoing talks with an array of businesses across Ireland and the UK. We aim to be installing our launch customers within 2/3 weeks.

This is an advanced customer rewards system with added extras such as a Global Online Store and SMS\Email messaging facility for communicating with and promoting to your customers. We have designed the system to help you increase  repeat business, expand revenue streams and retain your existing customers.

The heart of the system is the interactive database which will securely store all customer transactions including details on Customer expenditure, rewards earned, rewards redeemed, repeat business rate etc. Business owners would have full access to this database for their store and  then use this information to produce automatic reports on the rewards \ Loyalty system and also to monitor your card holders. The database will also allow you to communicate with all cardholders on your database or the entire iBonus365 database through email or SMS text messages. There is no limit to the number of emails \ SMS you can send. Business owners will also have the choice of communicating directly with a specific demographic if needed. You may decide to send an SMS to all females between the ages of 25-35 who live in a specific area or any other specific criteria that you wish to add. The database is unlimited and you can use anyway you wish to enhance your business and increase your customer spend, reward your customers or attract new potential customers into your business.

The iBonus365 system will also allow the business owner to provide electronic gift cards to their customers which can then be managed wthout any papertrail and can be monitored through your online portal on our secure online area to which you would have access.

The system costs a small setup fee per store to be installed with the only other costs being a monthly a small charge per month per store thereafter. You can opt out at any stage by providing 30 days notice.

We also assure you that all data stored is secure and protected and cannot be accessed by anyone other than the business owner.

iBonus365 would not have any expectations from a business, however we at iBonus365 will help you to increase your business and maximise your revenue, By supplying you with the tools to reward your customers and do this without any paper trail or unnecessary increase in work for your staff, iBonus365 will help you to increase your rate of repeat business and to also help you to retain your existing cutomers and increase the level of new customers.

We are extremely aware of the difficulties facing all businesses today and we have made a a conscious and specific effort to keep the cost of our system at a low price to ensure that it is a viable option for businesses in Ireland today who are looking to grow and expand within a specific budget. We would also be delighted to work with you to adapt the system to meet any other requirements that you may have.

In a recession the one thing a business must do to survive is also the one thing that you probably cannot afford and this advertising. We have a solution for this problem, instead of using local papers or magazines, tv or radio, you can reach all your customers or all the customers in the ibonus365 database with one text message or email, "gauranteed results".

Most loyalty systems available today are an extra burden. iBonus365 is a 99% automated  marketing tool.

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