- What problem are we solving?
When you need knowledge about something, you have to spend time learning. It would be great to directly apply other people's knowledge.
There is no applied knowledge sharing free platform.

- What is our solution?
For end users, our solution allows to apply directly other people's knowledge, tailored immediately right for their needs, using decision trees.

For decision tree creators, a way to share their knowledge. For websites, an easier way to solve clients questions and find their right product. For companies, a cheap way of sharing procedures.

- Which is our target market?
Bloggers, Ecommerce, Call centers, Anyone!

- Why is this a great opportunity?
People love decision trees, but they're difficult to design, and difficult to use on smartphones. iBoske solves these problems.

- How is our product different from what is currently available?
Decision tree tools are expensive and don't allow you to publish them online.
iBoske is for decision trees as Youtube is for videos.

- About our founding story. When was the “ah ha” moment?
Yes, I was thinking how could I share my knowledge, and get paid for it, but not as a consultant (because the day has just 24 hours) and I wanted to multiply my knowledge, but how, writing a book?
Then I thought about providing specific solutions to client's needs... how? And decision trees solved my needs!
But there was no decision tree platform as I wanted, so I decided to create it ;-)