iBot brings in unprecedented levels of mass customization and personalization to help (consumers and businesses) create an Internet of Your Things by way of a tightly integrated product portfolio comprised of iBot Edge Devices (called Bees), iBot Wireless Gateways (called Bots) and the iBot Hive (our machine cloud).

The iBot system is made up of BEES, BOTS and the HIVE. BEES are a set of over 100 different sensors, actuators, readers, displays, switches, peripherals such as barcode scanners, magnetic swipe card readers and machine interfaces – OBD/MDB/DEX, etc. BOT is the name given to hardware elements with embedded firmware programming which connects the device to a cloud facility. Lastly, there is the HIVE, which is a high performance cloud facility that allows for rapid drag and drop relationships between BEES and BOTS and also allows for daisy-chaining data streams from BEES.  This allows consumers and businesses to program rules across Bees and Bots to manipulate the real world. Welcome to your programmable world!

We are a team of serial entrepreneurs, thinkers and innovators aimed at creating a global platform to power the Internet of Everything. Our innovation involves a fusion of electronics, radio/wireless communications and cloud and information systems to create a plug and play system.

iBot was initially founded in 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Most of the design and innovation comes by way of our labs in Hyderabad, India. Our growing team pulls specialists from electronics engineering, wireless communications, cloud and information systems development and product design to create a much-needed and tangible platform to power the Internet of Your Things.

Our primary focus is on creating a platform made up of electronic-embedded and artificially intelligent systems which can connect real-world elements to the digital world. By meshing both worlds together, consumers and businesses worldwide experience the benefit.

In short, iBot is a great vision backed by a robust execution plan and team for the Internet of Your Things! Viva iBOT!