IBS Electronics is broad line component and hardware Global distributor, your One-Stop Source for Electronic Components.

We are focused on:
Our Franchised authorized components Product lines.
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Hard to find electronic parts and components
Long lead time parts and components
Obsolete electronic parts and components
Military electronic parts and components
Speedy Delivery and excellent customer service

What has kept us in business are the quality of customer service and quality of the parts they are receiving. We focus on the same day answer to our customer requirements and prompt follow-up. We pay close attention to the quality of the parts, we receive from our suppliers and making sure our customers receive 100% quality parts. There is no room for error.

We also keep inventory of electronics items for our regular customers and wait for their instruction to release the shipments. We have staff that on daily basis change the ship dates of the shipments in our data base based on customer's instruction.

Founded in 1980, the primary goal of the company has been to provide outstanding service to E.M.S's and O.E.M's. In 1983 IBS reformat itself as corporation that markets electronic components for high tech industries worldwide. IBS is a privately held corporation with a steadfast commitment to quality, service and fast deliveries.

With assets of $50 million, a staff of 50, and over half a century of combined management experience in electronics design, IBS Group has become a recognized electronic component worldwide manufacturer's representative and distribution specialist.