IC3 is the cryptoasset gold standard, verified by a private mine and vault in Canada.

IC3 Cubes – (IC3) An insured, vault verified, gold-backed token equal to 0.00004 (g) of physical gold, priced on market settlement - day of purchase.

The Authentic Gold Token - IC3 is backed by verified and insured physical gold, via an actual gold mine and vault in North Western Canada.

All Gold Certificates / Tokens are generated off of physical gold within the vault. IC3 Cubes will not need to purchase additional gold, taking notable risk off the table.

Insurance (Financial Security): Aon & Lloyds

Developed utilizing Ethereum Blockchain Technology, IC3 offers a unique investment option that forges the oldest form of value with the convenience, security, and anonymity of crypto investment and trade.

All Token transactions are verified via smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Upon such time when a Token Holder wants to "trade-in" the lease, IC3 Cubes Guarantees "The Purchase of the Token from the Token Holder" at the market settlement - day of sale.

There is No Applicable Sales Tax or any Vaulting Fees. IC3 Tokens represent the convenience of crypto trading with the stability of being priced at the market of gold. IC3 Tokens are not volatile for quick money, they are a safe, secure, verified form of value that has historical tendency to appreciate in value.

The IC3 Token is structured to ensure stability, longevity and mass adoption while minimizing all possible external risks for the Token and Token Holder.