In order for children to succeed in the globally competitive world that awaits them, it is essential that they develop a foundation of technological, critical, and creative thinking skills. As parents and educators, we are challenged to offer children opportunities to build these skills in an engaging way that makes them excited about learning.

Children's Technology Workshop is dedicated to meeting that challenge. Since 1997, CTWorkshop has utilized science and creativity based applied-technology curricula to provide children with stimulating learning opportunities. Our approach is based on the fact that the more a child is interested in a given topic, the higher his or her initiative to learn, patience, and retention of new skills related to the topic. Children who attend our programs learn to make movies, design their own video games, build and program robots, create architectural designs, and use technology with their imaginations to develop their own, creative projects.

Although we welcome kids that are already tuned in and comfortable with technology, we are not just for “techies”. Our programs emphasize storytelling and creativity as central themes, and we attract a very diverse cross-section of personalities and interests. Our curriculum is designed to accommodate students
with varying levels of skill and experience, ensuring that every child has an educational, fun, and positive experience.