Thank you for your interest in ICE-TECH prescriptions lenses.  At ICE-TECH Advanced Lens Technologies we have the ability to produce single vision, dual-zone and progressive designed lenses for both traditional ophthalmic frames and ICE-TECH lenses produced using THIN-ICE Lens Processing for wrap-around sun wear.

There are many new and exciting things going on in our world.  We have just moved to a much larger building, where we are now able to produce about ten times more jobs per day.  In addition to this, we are currently re-launching our sunglass line, which we would be happy to share with you.  Take a look at our current selection and keep checking back as we update our line, visit us at http://www.ice-tech.com/catalog.asp.

We will soon have an online ordering system available for placing orders online for sunglasses, as we do now for our prescription lenses: www.icetechlens.com.

A little background on ICE-TECH Advanced Lens Technologies:

We are a Boutique Lens Company located in Atlantic Beach, Florida, serving customers around the world.  ICE-TECH Advanced Lens Technologies was the first all-digital production facility in the U.S., as well as, the exclusive provider of THIN-ICE Lens Technology in the U.S.  Multiple free-form equipment, proprietary software, specially designed and administered processes allow for total control of all internal operations that are necessary to produce the highest quality prescription lens.

We offer in-house Anti-Reflection (AR) processing, fast turnaround mirror processing, and our Free-ICE super hydrophobic treatments.  Whether it is our Advanced Green AR, our popular Premium Clear Blue AR or one of our fantastic mirror treatments, it will be done correctly and on time.

Our lens designs allow for fitting heights as low as 14mm with the ability to offer an effective blank diameter of 99mm, which guarantees cut out for most any frame.

We look forward to having the opportunity to provide your patients with best quality lenses available.  What more can you ask for? An ICE-TECH lens is thinner, lighter and offers the best optical quality.  It is Clearly the Best!