Shining Fish Technology Limited (ShiFT) is a dynamic group that composed by professionals in the field of refrigeration, engineering, sale and service. We strive to bring a new business concept of combining high value added product with a full awesome services.

Shining Fish Technology is constantly working to find ways to better serve our clients by providing refrigeration equipment and turnkey systematic ice cooling solution. Not only we provide commercial refrigeration equipments, such as, flake ice machine, tube ice machine, block ice machine, cube ice machine, portable ice maker, home ice maker, bullet ice maker, crushed/snow ice maker, plate ice machine. But also industrial ice machines and ice cooling systems, such as water chilling system, concrete cooling system, dynamic ice storage and delivery system, ice plant, tube ice plant, and block ice plant. Furthermore, we expand our product line to associated food processing lines which includes fully automatic ice packing plant, food processing line, fruit and vegetable processing lines, shrimp processing lines and water/beverage filling and packaging lines.

To keep us ahead of the competition, we commit ourselves to improving the efficiency, ruggedness and reliability of our ice machines. Not only we supply high quality ice machines that meet, but exceed commercial/industrial ice machine standards, and most important, we provide a highly reasonable and most competitive price.

Please feel free to visit us in person at our factory showroom/warehouse. No matter which machine that you are interested, Shining Fish Technology always has one for you.

Product Categories:

A-Commercial Refrigeration Range
   1-   Ice Machines
       1-1  Bullet Ice Maker
      1-2  Cube Ice Machine
      1-3  Crushed Ice Maker
      1-4  Flake Ice Maker
      1-5  Portable Ice Maker

  2-   Ice Cream Machine
      2-1  Icecream Machine
      2-2  Gelato Cream Machine
      2-3  Continuous Freezer
      2-4  Others

  3-   Display Cabinet
      3-1 Horizontal Display Cabinet
      3-2 Vertical Display Cabinet
      3-3 Chest Freezer

B- Industrial Refrigeration Range
  4- Ice Making System
      4-1 Block Ice Machine
        4-1-1 Block Ice Machine (Brine refrigeration)
        4-1-2 Block Ice Machine (Direct Refrigeration)
        4-1-3 Block Ice Making Plant
      4-2 Cube Ice Machine

      4-3 Flake Ice Machine
        4-3-1 Freshwater Flake Ice Machine
        4-3-2 Seawater Flake Ice Machine
        4-3-3 Flake Ice Making Plant

     4-4 Plate Ice Machine

    4-5 Tube Ice Machine
      4-5-1 Tube Ice Machine
      4-5-2 Tube Ice Making Plant

  5- Water Cooling System
      5-1 Water Cooler
      5-2 Water Chiller

  6- Cold Maintain
      6-1 Non-refrigerated Storage Room
      6-2 Refrigerated storage Room

  7- IQFs
      7-1 Plate Freezer
      7-2 Tunnel Freezer
      7-3 Spiral Freezer

C- Food Processing Line
    8- Fruit & Vegetable Processing Equipment/Line
    9- Shrimp Processing Equipment/Line
   10- Filling & Packaging Line