The iceandplug 12v portable air conditioners units are self-contained, they work with ice and some models also with water, just fill the 12V portable air conditioner unit with ice or you can use a couple of 1 gallon frozen water jugs and place it inside the cooler (some units require a little water inside in order to the pump recirculates the water) plug it into a 12 Volt receptacle, this could be a plug inside your car, car battery or emergency power pack and start enjoying their cooling air flow effect.

The iceandplug 12V portable air conditioners can cool down several degrees your tent in those summer hot days so you can take a nap or sleep all night more comfortable. It is equipped with a flexible air duct that can be extended, turns and bend to your desired shape. One charge of ice will last several hours, depending on the outside temperature. Anyway you are bringing to your camp plenty of ice to keep your perishables fresh, so why don’t use it also to run your iceandplug 12V portable air conditioner.

These units can be used also as a spot cooler in the outdoors, boat cabins, hunting cabins, truck cabins, tractor cabins, tailgating, golf carts, vehicles, aircrafts, small rooms or offices (using an AC/DC power converter), power outages, central A/C broken, surveillance units, CPU cooling or whatever other uses you can think of! Great as a spot cooler while working in your garage or as cool your pet inside your car for a while…

For more info, accessories and test results of the iceandplug 12v portable air conditioners, please go to www.iceandplug.com