IceCream is a new camera app that never runs out of space. It makes it easier to manage, protect and share your photos through a simpler user interface and fully automated high-resolution backups. Through its innovative tech, it allows your photos to take up 90% less space on your smartphone without sacrificing quality or experience. IceCream offers its users unlimited storage of their photos, a pleasing swipe-based management method and two-tap sharing of shots in a private network of your closest contacts.

How does IceCream work?
You download the IceCream app and use it like your default camera app. Every time you take a photo, the high-res version gets pushed automatically to the IceCream Cloud, and you keep a smaller version on your phone that’s at the perfect size for viewing. It means that you have nearly unlimited storage on your smartphone, and entirely unlimited storage on our IceCream Cloud. On the app, you can like or hide photos with just one swipe, and share with your private network of contacts with just a couple of clicks. There’s much more, but you’ll have to ask.

Who’s behind IceCream?
IceCream was founded by George Berkowski, the serial tech entrepreneur, head of product and design at the revolutionary Hailo taxi app and author of How to Build a Billion Dollar App (Little, Brown Books).

The IceCream team also includes co-founder and serial app engineer Andrew Paul Simmons, who has built more than 30 apps for CNET News, 60 Minutes, Big Brother, Survivor and Flowboard. As engineering lead, Andrew sprinkles over ten years of app experience on to IceCream.

The rest of the team brings together experience from a roster of internationally-known tech successes, including Yahoo, Candy Crush and Meebo. Some of the biggest brains here went to MIT and Oxford University, and we keep them in jars on the window sill when we’re not using them.

The company is supported by development giants including Founders Forum and Techstars. But George still makes the coffee.