Ice Halo Ltd. was started when the President of the company suffered a serious concussion when she slipped on the ice during a curling game. She spent months getting her life back in order - her vision was affected, she suffered headaches and she was frightened to go back on the ice. Not wanting to face the fact of never curling again, she designed the Ice Halo.  

Now mandatory for the Barrie Special Olympic curlers and quickly sweeping North America and as far away as Austraia, the Ice Halo is the safest protective head band available for ice sports like curling and skating.

The ICE HALO is a protective head band made of a closed cell, light weight foam and covered with Micro-fibre or Faux Furs.  Our patented design has been tested and proven to REDUCE IMPACT FORCE BY OVER 250G.

The ICE HALO wraps snugly and comfortably around your head and secures with adjustable Velcro closures to provide protection if the unthinkable happens and you slip on the ice.  Why lose time in your curling game, ice skating or even just going for a walk in the winter because of an accidental fall that could result in a painful and often dangerous concussion? Available in a variety of colours and textures for men, women and children! It's the perfect gift for yourself, family or friends The ICE HALO is comfortable, affordable, stylish, and easily the best thing that has hit the ice - before you -  in a long time!

It is also becoming a top seller within other life aspects.  Special services and caregivers and buying them for epileptic patients and seniors recovering from strokes, Daycare facilities are purchasing them for their small wards to keep little heads safe at playtime.

The brain is a highly complex organ and it doesn't take much to damage it. Studies indicate that concussions suffered in youth can lead to Alzheimers Disease later in life. Now there is a way to protect our greatest asset - our head - from trauma that could result in life changing damage from one fall.

Our goal is to help prevent people from losing time and enjoyment from their favourite sports and to give them the confidence they deserve while enjoying themselves.

Please visit our website for more information and to order your Ice Halo!