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Ever wonder where the products you buy are made? I know this is something I think about often, supporting American made products is the new “cool”, as it should be. It only took a major decline in our nation’s economy to create this new trend.  Research shows that 50 percent or more of products people buy are made overseas! Perhaps, the biggest challenge consumer’s and retail stores face is where they can actually FIND American-Made products! Thankfully, there is I Choose American.
Ichooseamerican.com is a new website designed to showcase a collection of exquisite items all created in this country to keep our nation’s spirit of quality and exceptionalism alive and growing.
Ichooseamerican.com takes the frustration out of searching for American made products for the buyer and their clients. I believe that consumers when given a choice would choose American. “We should not be made to turn over products to discover where they are made”, Pat Toland (real client).
We suggest that stores change the way they “sell” or “service” clients. We are asking stores to designate space in their stores for American made products, an area that clients can go to each and every time they visit. Guess what, they love the idea. If this could happen, this could significantly impact our economy and unemployment rate.
I Choose American
Support the USA!
Ichooseamerican.com --keeping "the Made in America" label alive and growing--beautifully!
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Ichooseamerican.com is a new website designed to showcase a collection of exquisite items all created in this country to keep our nation’s spirit of quality and exceptionalism alive and growing.
The same applies for shoppers, retail buyers and media – a one-stop spot and more efficient way of merging beautiful and affordable American-made gifts with buyers who want those products and don’t have time to go on an hours-long web search to find them. In fact we provide unlimited searching for buyers to find products in their price point and choices for their retail environment. We want to remove all barriers and truly grow the made in the USA label.
If you like an item you see on I Choose American, simply click on the photo and you are directed back to the company’s website where you can get more information and purchase it online or find a local store that offers such items.
After spending 20 years building fashion brands, I decided to address the most frequently asked question “Where is that item made?” I know how exciting it is to be a buyer. Discovering the newest designers, the change of a season, knowing before anyone else what the hottest colors will be but regretfully knowing that 85% to 90% of what I am purchasing for my clients was not made in the USA.
Part of the challenge is finding really great pieces; believe it or not…it is not easy to find for buyers of retail stores. When you go on your buying trips, it is mind boggling. You generally fly in, check-in, case the buying floor, look for pieces that pop and while doing so; you walk about 10 miles in a three to four day period. There are so many products and so little time.
I recently contacted some of the major buying shows and asked if they could tell me who would be at the show that represented American made products?  Response: “No, we have no idea”. OK, when I get to the show, can I go to a certain area to find these goods? Response: “No, we do not do that”. OK, will I find these products in the directory in a section for “products made in the USA”? Response: “Nope, you will have to walk the buying floor and just find them”. Oh, you mean look through the 10,000 products that are there with very little time?
I always mused when customers would ask: “Where is that item made?” thus I Choose American was born.
“We would like to take the frustration out of searching and also ask that stores and boutiques dedicate areas in their own environment for consumers to “find” products made in America.”  
For additional information or interviews contact Jessica Wey at ichooseamerican@gmail.com! Or to have your product or company featured on the site, contact Michelle Thelen at ichooseamerican@gmail.com
I Choose American – Keeping the “Made in America” label alive and growing – beautifully.
Jessica Wey