iClinic helps PHC – Primary Health Care centers, Polyclinics, Visa Screening centers and Hospitals transform healthcare by adapting effective clinical work flow and streamline processes for improved quality of care, patient safety and community-centric healthcare delivery. It’s built-in tools let physicians conduct medical investigations and treatments for primary care, acute illness and preventive health care. Our innovative solutions have been time-tested and trusted by enterprises and communities of all sizes. From the moment a patient sets foot in the healthcare facility to the minute when he leaves, each and every detail is electronically stored in their unique medical record and just a mouse click away!
iClinic® is an affordable solution for health care practitioners that itself can easily be expanded to our own full-blown HIS called iCare® (inpatient framework) or integrated to third party solutions: HIS/RIS/PACS.
iClinic’s one window “patient’s dashboard” allows you to view all the patient history, immunizations and episodes systematically, organizing and providing views on patient’s health trends. It is meant to automate doctor’s office critical work flows such as chief complains, family history, present illness, allergies, ICD10 diagnosis, CPT codes, e-prescribing, etc. With easy to use graphical sliders, quick check boxes and built in intelligent records; iClinic will not only transform the way you work but makes your processes so efficient that all you need to worry about is your Patient.