Anna Morrison is the Founder of The EntrepreNurse Group, LLC. Her work empowers Nurses to leverage their clinical experience to create profitable businesses with meaningful impact.

She is the author of the upcoming books: The EntrepreNurse Club: Escape the Bedside, Make a Difference, and (Finally) Earn What You’re Worth, and the awe-inspiringMagnitude 7.0: Hope & Transformation After Haiti’s Apocalyptic Earthquake.

As an inspiring servant-leader and in-demand speaker, and coach, Anna has helped hundreds of nurses re-connect to their passion for making a difference in the world, while improving their own lives.

Anna runs the “I Coach Nurses” Blog online and her international volunteer work has been featured in The Miami Herald, on Good Morning America, Plum TV and Nurse.com. Anna is a member of the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses and the National Association of Legal Nurse Consultants.