Iconic Design Group is a digital design company that is specializing and gearing their unique services to the trades professionals and industrial companies within BC.

At www.iconicdesigngroup.com you can find high quality, customizable, professional, industry focused graphic design, creative marketing packages, industry networking, and a resource center that is accessible to the public. In addition, Iconic is also offering very specific design services to the mining, exploration and fashion apparel industry’s. You can check out these services at www.iconicdesigngroup.com.

The free resource center Iconic Design Group is offering is in it’s beginning development stages. So far Iconic is providing links to educational facilities, associations, industrial buy & sell section, job postings, interactive showcase display for fashion designers, and a industry related networking members community. Iconic Design Group is also developing a free linking garage for BC industrial and trade professionals to park their industrial business logo and information in.

Nadine, owner and art director of Iconic Design Group is requesting support from Kelowna and BC communities to help make Iconic’s goal of developing a online portal, and one stop shop for the industrial and trades industries within BC. Please go to http://www.iconicdesigngroup.com/networking/linking-garage and submit your business link for free.