ICONS Infocom P.Ltd is a 14 year old ISO 9001:2008 certified orgainsation based in Mumbai, Exclusive National distributor of Nuance specialized software & Andrea & AcousticMagic hardware products having expertise in three verticals of business:

•     Distribution & Reselling of specialized software products                                                    
•     Retailing of hardware products
•     Servicing of hardware products

Icons is the Exclusive national distributor for Nuance, MacSpeech, Andrea Microphones, Revolabs & Acoustic Magic products in India. Icons has a pan-India distribution network through which it caters to a pool of clients with specialized software products.
Icons also partners with hardware giants like Hewlett Packard, Dell, Sony & Lenevo to provide the best computer hardware & spare parts. Apart from retailing, Icons also specializes in servicing them to make them last longer.
Products we distribute:

Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking (Speech Recognition / Voice Recognition Software)

Nuance Dragon Medical (Speech Recognition for HealthCare and Medical Transcription)

Nuance PDF Converter (PDF Converters for windows)  

Nuance PDF Converter for Mac (PDF Converter for Mac)

Nuance OmniPage (Optical Character Recognition software)      

Nuance PaperPort (Document Management Software)

Dragon Dictate (Speech Recognition / Voice Recognition Software)

Revolabs (xTag, Wireless Microphones)

Andrea Microphones (High quality microphones for Speech recognition and voice application)

AcousticMagic -Voice Tacker Array Microphone (High Quality Array Microphones).