Icon Tax Group has finished it's first year in business and is excited for the tax season starting in January 2017. The firm is very pleased to announce that it has added the following staff.

Dominic Dauigoy, E.A. - brings to the firm a solid background in tax preparation and audit representation. Mr. Dauigoy as an Enrolled Agent provide the background, experience and licensing to represent tax clients before the Internal Revenue Service and State Agencies on tax audits and appeals. Dominic also has a professional tax preparation background in the areas of Individual and business tax returns.

Carol Bui, E.A. - come to the firm with accounting for business entities, tax preparation and audit representation experience. She is focused on firm accounting clients, payroll issues, and tax services. Ms. Bui is also an Enrolled Agent and can represent clients before the IRS on tax audits and appeals.

Philip Estrella, CRTP - provides the firm clients with a strong background in tax preparation at all levels of individual and business returns.

The firm is dedicated to the continued education of each of our tax practitioners to enhance their ability each year to be on top of the current tax laws affecting the firms tax clients. The firm has developed a strong client data security program in compliance with the IRS and the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC requires that Tax Preparers protect their client data in line with banks in the United States.

Michael Lodge, CEO of Icon Tax Group stated, "the more qualified our tax preparers the better we can serve our clients in the most professional manner and protecting their data. Icon is focused on taxation and focused on our client needs'. After completing their first year the company has prepared for more growth in the 2017 tax season and has updated policies and procedures to take on clients with more complex situations. The more the firm grows in technology and in tax law knowledge with professional staff the better the tax client is served.

The firm is located in Glendale, California but serves the entire United States. From the west coast to the east coast, as well as serving clients in foreign locations. The firm has staff that provide international tax services.

The firm continues to education their clients through online blogs through http://www.icontaxgroup.org and other social media sites. The most important aspect of the firms job is to keep clients informed.

For more information about Icon Tax Group please visit our website or send an email to: tax@icontaxgroup.com