Deria and Ron prefer to call themselves Coaches and not Marriage Counselors. The role of a coach is well understood.  If the coach has had experience in the same field, the training can be well received because the team has a sense that the coach knows what is being discussed because they have done it themselves.

Coaches will have their teams practice outside the formal game.  The coach will insist on preparation and repetition, leading to mastery.  The coach may focus on details that can make a difference when applied in the game.

The coach knows that every team is not the same.  The coach will make assessments and, based on the assessment, make certain adjustments to the training regimen.

As marriage coaches, we get couples who know little about the moves in a marriage that produce the desired results. They don’t understand that their ignorance and lack of skills in carrying out the marriage moves is their problem. Our job as coaches is to give the facts, test for mastery of the facts, give them the opportunity to exercise the new fledgling skills and help them make modifications that will lead to success.

It has been said that “practice makes perfect.”  Based on the knowledge that has been demonstrated to produce results, practice will lead to the richness in the marriage the couples seek.  Think of it this way: practice makes masters!

As coaches, we will tell, demonstrate, allow our couples to try it with us, and then urge them to continue until mastery.  Deria often says, “Knowledge without application is evaporation.”  So, as coaches, we want the best actions to follow the best knowledge.