Idan Factor is a leading company for comprehensive and customized online marketing solutions.
Our services are aimed at technology companies that target international markets.
The solutions we provide include all of the development stages, from exposure to monitoring and optimization.
Our marketing strategy is tailored to the marketing goals we want to achieve. We are not guided by channels or exposure, but by marketing goals alone. Today, we use a number of marketing methods. Each combination of these of this methods is designed to achieve the defined goal. We also create techniques in order to obtain marketing goals in certain countries or for a certain target audience. This includes using influencers or some of Google’s algorithms in order to get products or applications to rank higher. Every platform and internet tool is legitimate if it promotes a legal marketing goal. In addition, we use basic marketing techniques to provide lasting solutions.
For every project, we designate a team that is managed by one project manager. The project manager is in constant contact with the client and keeps the client updated on the project’s status as needed. The project manager also communicates to a representative all of the activities on all channels with full transparency. If you have an quality web product, we want to get to know you.