What Happens When Fine Wine Didn't Always Survive the Flight Home

IdeaMia, LLC. The whole idea was born years ago by one of our founders, Angie Cucco. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of all inventions, and that was true in this case, too. In her younger years, Angie did a lot of Trans-Atlantic traveling between Italy and the United States. As a young globetrotter, she couldn't afford to bring back much in the way of souvenirs, certainly not those Prada shoes that were always calling her name, but as with most post-adolescents, there was always money enough for alcohol! So for gifts, for memories, just for drinking she brought back a lot of wine.

The problem was that despite her best efforts, the wine didn't always survive the flight home. Whether it was the rough handling of the bags, or the pressure in the flight, bottles were often sadly discovered smashed when the bags were opened up back in Michigan, and worse than the loss of the drink was the loss in fine Italian clothing (Or Gap jeans)! So Angie pondered: what would protect her precious bottles? Was she doomed to no longer smuggle the alcohol abroad?

Baby Diapers? What an Ingenious Idea!

Then one day when flipping through travel magazines, she came across a letter from a woman who said that she always wrapped her breakables in baby diapers to help protect them. Baby Diapers? What an ingenious idea! Not only would the diapers cushion her wines, but if they broke, chances are the diapers would absorb up the liquid. After all, wasn't that what they were supposed to do? So Angie experimented with this for some years, and it worked rather well!

Over the years, however, she began to wonder: what if the diapers could be made into different packaging, so that you could slip the bottle of wine inside, and protect it even better? She bought some diapers, cut them up, tried this out, but had little success. In the meantime, she got married, had kids, began working the Wine Diaper was forgotten as other more pressing issues got in the way.

And then one rainy night many years later, she was sitting around the table with her husband and some friends, and brought up her failed attempts at creating the Ultimate Wine Diaper. She figured they'd scoff at such a silly idea, but her story was met with unbridled enthusiasm! The Wine Diaper? It's genius! It's wonderful! Why hasn't anyone thought of that? Let's make it! And the rest is history.

Idea Mia, LLC today, produces the Wine Diaper, the JetBag Wine, a similar wine carrier; the JetBag Tech, an electronic recovery bag and the JetBag Cigar, a portable humidifier.