Your ideas know no boundaries; why should your app? IdeaPlaces is the only app that uses geo-tagging to put your Evernote, Dropbox, Photos and Contacts info on the map. Plan and relive trips, map sales calls, scout sites and set detailed location-based reminders, all in IdeaPlaces.

Featured by Evernote, IdeaPlaces makes creating and searching photos and notes a breeze. With Google Maps and Foursquare integration, IdeaPlaces offers a new way to:
- create notes with location info that syncs fully with Evernote
- take photos and add notes instantly
- search and filter notes and photos by location, time, title, tags, and more
- scan your data in map view
- set up location reminders for any note
- create, view or edit any Evernote note, automatically adding location info from Google Places and Foursquare
- for IdeaPlaces Plus and IdeaPlaces Business users: full support of Evernote Linked and Business notebooks and tags and Evernote offline mode (requires in-app subscription)

With one button and automatic importing, keeping your notes, photos and contacts in sync is fast, fun, and effective.

Some of the interesting ways users have used IdeaPlaces are:
-  planning a vacation abroad (never miss a great site)
-  mapping sales calls (great for B2B and B2C users)
-  scout shooting locations (reduce your baggage, it’s all in one spot)
-  shopping for a new home/apartment (simplify a stressful process)

For a full list of features, stop by IdeaPlaces.com.

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Thanks for your support! We hope to hear from you about your experiences with IdeaPlaces!

The IdeaPlaces Team
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