ideatrr (http://www.ideatrr.com)  is the first community-powered digital platform that enables savvy users, to share, discuss, explore, contribute & discover ideas

Driven by the conviction that there's not a single virtual platform offering innovative ideas across industries and pressing issues from around the globe for the users to share, discover and discuss, ideatrr was conceived with a motto of “Connecting the world through ideas!” Our product promises to take you on a joy ride of interesting ideas.

ideatrr’s core proposition is its fast-growing reservoir of the World-Changing Ideas, ranging from finance & economy to music and social media; from education, fashion & design to the most trending topics.

ideatrr is based on the belief that sharing and discovering ideas is extremely important to connect people, industries, and countries. But, how are we connecting the world through ideas?
Today, the industries and people work in silos. Countries to work in silos without collaborating, connecting and sharing the best ideas with other countries. We want the world, industries and individuals to utilize this space to learn from each other and connect through the best ideas and practices.
ideatrr is a world within a world where individuals can virtually 'visit' a country, share and discover new ideas cutting across borders and boundaries. It's a new gateway of critical data that blends news, trends and industry pain points into ideas to produce the most advanced form of digital information.
ideatrr encourages you all to be a part of this movement to inspire people around us and share new ideas. Let's expand the horizons of possibilities, initiate thoughtful debate on the challenges that lie ahead. Join us and help in our endeavour to cultivate the big ideas needed to spark change and develop solutions for the future.

Be the crusader of change. Think, innovate and ideate!