Identity Features LLC, was formed to create, produce, market and distribute independent theatrical motion pictures in the United States and Canada. Identity Features will also co produce and distribute top quality independent motion pictures, for all markets world wide including uploading of “Infotainment”. We are seeking, co-production and financing, marketing and distribution of the company’s own feature films slate.

Identity Features is unique in that it has the expertise to marry the hands-on marketing and distribution tactics long favored by independent distributors, with, the size and scope of major studio theatrical releases, eliminating excessive P&A expenses, interest and fees. Identity Features’ revolutionary approach to marketing and distribution for the 21st century will be created by some of the best industry professionals that have been involved in the new “Infotainment” Virtual Studios, realizing substantial profits are realistically attainable.

The new marketing of Indie Produced Feature Films, are the development of digital content with the expansion of Pay-Per-View technologies and revolutionary technological advances in the Internet are creating potentially explosive new revenue streams and a continuing demand for entertainment product. With more and more revenue streams coming from the Internet such as “On Demand” and “Download Content” this has produced a very high revenue stream with little overhead and marketing costs compared to conventional methods. The Internet exposure in numbers grows everyday causing major advertising to pay more for product ads and association with motion pictures.