IDP Music is a multi-facetted effort existing for the purpose of sharing the gift of music with the world. More than just a label, IDP music is also the main outlet for Theo-Soul Ministries, a minsitry devoted to teaching and sharing the principles of a theocentric lifestyle.

Musically, IDP Music seeks to produce, market and distribute Christ-centered music - beyond the confines of traditional spiritual/Christian/gospel genres. IDP Music's outreach can be considered as Theo-Soul and/or Soul-Hop, seeking out young souls in the 16 - 35 year old demographic who are spiritually hungry.

More than just an obvious play on words, Theo-Soul is meant to appeal to a similar audience as those who enjoy the jazz-funk stylings of the ever popular and growing genre known as Neo-Soul. Examples of artists who would fit within Theo-Soul include Lisa McClendon, Adrianne Archie, Jas Knight and Cynthia Jones.

Soul-Hop is an assention above the ills associated with secular hip-hop music of today. It is spirit-driven, spirit-filled and spirit-fed. It stirs the soul while being a beacon for the spiritually lost, otherwise consumed by the so-called "hip-hop culture". Examples of artists who would fit within Soul-Hop include Timothy Brindle, Stephen The Levite and Shai Linne.

IDP Music also shares an affiliation with Ausuree Entertainment Group and Xth Power Soundlabs. Joint collaborations through this association include the 2008 release of The Coffee House Series, Volume 1 (Ausuree Ent.), the 2008 release of Sonya LaChelle - With You (Ausuree Ent.), and the 2009 release of
W A K E U P (Ausuree Ent./Xth Power). IDP Music's assocition with these entities mean that we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of a vast network of resources in order to ensure maximum exposure for not only our artists, but any artists that shares in the same values and beliefs that we have.