We are the Romanian tour operator who wants to bring new experiences.
Our tourists explore nature, encounter new cultures, understand traditional customs, satisfy curiosity or pleasure, relieve pain, and finally get know themselves. Hence, without sounding arrogant, I want to make sure our holidays are tours that explore the rediscovery of self. Hence the “I” in “I explore”. The company was born out of a passion for travel in Romania and of a respect for all tourists. Just out of respect for all tourists, “I explore”, the agency, will pay special attention to people with disabilities, making every possible effort to put together a vacation for every traveller, regardless of their particular needs. It is a difficult mission in Romania, but we have started the “I explore” journey intending to tailor holidays to any reasonable needs or requirements and we endeavour to fulfil that promise. Romania, in its turn, receives our full attention, being a country of proud beauty, populated by beautiful people and places, and packed with unique traditions. We are careful to ensure that Romania is treated responsibly and receives the attention it deserves as a reward for its uniqueness.

But first and foremost, “I explore” is the first travel agency in Romania which offers travel services for both active and disable people.