FFF LLC provides a full suite of financial and production services to the entertainment industry, including Tax Credit Financing, Completion Bonding with a Preferred Vendor, Pre-Sales/Minimum Guarantee Financing, Prints & Ad's financing and Payroll Services, to various Production Related Services such as Executive Producer, Line Producer, Post Production and Domestic and Foreign Sales Services.

IFFF's suite of financial and administrative services is available to productions with budgets up to $200,000,000 with individual consideration on budgets in excess of $200,000,000.

With 02 years of production experience in the entertainment industry, IFFF's entertainment finance team will ensure your production is finished on time and on budget by supporting the following financial transactions:

Federal Tax Credit Administration/Financing
Provincial Tax Credit Administration/Financing
Completion Bonding with a Preferred Vendor
Pre-Sales or Minimum Guarantee Financing
P & A Financing
If you or your company has generated tax credits or are exploring finance options, please contact us for a one-on-one exploratory meeting.

Now we are into FILM INSURNCE sector, as reached Mile-stone.