As a Forex Trading Broker we offer Forex Trading and multiple Forex Trading platforms.  Learn all about Forex, FX and currency trading with our Ifinix Forex website. See our low spreads, commission free 24/7 trading and advanced charting.

iFinix Futures provides our clients with state-of-the-art Forex and Currency trading platforms. The purpose of the iFinix Forex website is to provide access to trade Forex online. If you have any questions regarding Forex and Currency trading please call our brokers for assistance. The iFinix Forex website also provides additional Forex and Currency trading tools to assist you with your trading. Our Forex trading platforms are very adaptable and are well suited for the following types of Forex traders:

New Forex Traders
Learn about the advantages of Forex Trading using our free Forex Trading tools and risk-free practice accounts.
Active Forex Traders
Sharpen your Forex Trading skills with services and tools that are completely customizable to your unique style and Forex Trading methodologies. 
Institutional Forex Traders
Learn about our Forex Trading API and a proprietary price feed tailored for professional Forex Traders.