My addiction is shoes, but like most shoe addicts, I have a zillion pairs of shoes in my closet that didn't fit like I hoped they would when I wore them (as opposed to how great they felt when I wore them in the store for those 5 minutes on the carpeted floor - ever notice how that happens?!).  

Being frustrated by how expensive and complicated it was to sell my shoes on ebay, I decided there had to be a better way. and so I started my own auction site for shoe lovers!  That is how www.iftheshoedoesntfit.com was born; a site where you can sell, swap, or shop for shoes and shoe accessories. The fee is only $1 to list on the site - that's it - no final value fees, no extra fees for headlines, highlights or photos. It's simple--just pay a dollar, list the shoes, sell the shoes, make money!  

Think about all the people who have a bunch of unworn or barely worn shoes sitting in their closets that they could turn into cold hard cash. And those who need shoes and are short on cash can shop on the site and save.  

Best of all, www.iftheshodoesntfit.com offers something totally unique and different; shoe swapping! In addition to being an auction site, it also a place to swap shoes, so people can find another shoe lover with who has their unusual size and same unique taste in shoes and arrange a swap of soles. Swaps are also only $1 to list.