Ignition Tutoring uses software to make tutors at top colleges around America available to students anywhere in the world. Our software matches students with tutors who share their interests using the Facebook social graph and connects them for immediate tutoring over Skype video chat.

The experience Ignition Tutoring provides is best illustrated with an example. Imagine a student from Seattle who likes to play Xbox, is struggling in math class and hopes to study engineering at Stanford. By connecting this student with a tutor who is a current Stanford engineering student who also loves Xbox, learning math becomes fun. Instead of learning from a text book with examples that are hard to grasp, the student and tutor discuss math problems with analogies and examples from their favorite Xbox games. Learning is memorable and exciting and the student regains confidence. Moreover, each meeting the tutor can discuss what it's like to study engineering at Stanford with the student. This helps the student see that his dreams are possible if he works hard enough.