Array FM Systems - Personal FM systems, wireless FM devices, FM transmitters come with 2 wireless mics - a lapel clip mic and a headset microphone and FM receivers. Great for people with hearing loss, as live translator devices for language translation, public speakers, job trainers, pta meetings, hyper sensitive hearing students, tourist centers, churches and other public events. The wireless FM systems are used for personal use, seniors, adults or children with hearing problems, FM systems for classrooms to be able to hear better.

Church Equipment - The stationary and portable FM products can be used in church services as language translation systems by a live translator. The pastor can use a wireless microphone systems to speak into as a hearing impaired listening device. This way everyone can hear the pastorĀ“s sermon and can understand it. Any language whether it be for Spanish or another language can be interpreted by the translatorĀ“s microphone to the ears of the listeners with the earpiece receivers and heard clearly.

Classroom FM Systems - The wireless headsets and microphones or hearing amplifiers are useful in schools to help with hearing impaired students, add/adhd students, hyper sensitive hearing students, translating languages for conferences, meetings or school events. The teacher can wear the headset microphones to speak into and the classroom students will be able to hear the professor without background noise interferring. We have a selection of brands from Sonic Super Ears, Williams Sound, Array and Nady Systems to choose from.

Portable FM Transmitters and Receivers - The portable headphones with microphone are actually radio transmitters that can be used by large groups of people or just for a family member that cannot hear well, such as an elderly parent that is hard of hearing. The wireless hearing devices can be also used to translate languages by a live translator and have the audience listening with headphones, earpieces or earbuds. The digital FM transmitter have a distance range of 200 ft - 1000 feet for stationary transmitters.

Tour Guide Devices - Wireless listening devices are perfect for tour groups, factory tours, limo rides, bus tours, walking tours and large tourist attractions. The tour guide equipment comes with a hands free tour guide microphone and headsets for the listeners. There are additional options for earphones, earpieces, headphones or earbuds. The tour guide equipment can be bought in small quantities or bulk options.

TV Listening Systems - The television listeners help to hear the tv better without interferring with the noise level in the entire home. Our Williams Sound FM neckloop can be used with a hearing aid that has a T coil. Other choices are the TV Ears 5.0, tv headsets or other tv headphones that we have to choose from. Another option is the hearing amplifiers from Sonc Superears or Williams Sound Pocketalker to make the volume seem louder when you watch tv.

Hearing Device Accessories - There is a selection of wireless headsets, Williams Sound earbuds, wireless microphones, Centrum Sound conference microphones, Nady wireless headsets with microphone, mini earbuds, Koss earphones, noise cancelling microphones/headphones and high noise headphones. These hearing enhancement devices offer a better listening experience.