To be an organization that:
*  is a catalyst in the enhancement of the HR management competencies of its members, the Indonesian business community and the government sectors,
*  has chapters in all provinces,
*  has the proper strategy, plans and programs that foster the professionalism, knowledge, competency & image of its members and the Indonesian HR Professionals in general,
*  has mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with related organizations,
   is professionally managed and financially sound.

*  To provide strategic leadership in HR related areas,
*  To provide an effective and efficient communication forum for the exchange of information and ideas on HR related topics,
*  To provide information and recommendations to the Indonesian business communities and government on HR management and related strategies, plans, programs, policies, systems and procedures
*  To provide world class HR management related education & training.

*  To have the majority of Indonesian Senior HR Practitioners and a significant portion of non HR Managers and Directors as its member,
*  To establish and operate an effective and efficient Indonesian HR Management Research Center
*  To establish and operate an effective and efficient HR Management training, education & development center
*  To have chapters in all Indonesian provinces