iis2iis.com (eyes to eyes) is a new international newsgathering app and site seeking Citizen Journalists from every single city and state in the union, province, country and war /peace zone globally.

Every picture and video can be accompanied with a written description or article for immediate mass distribution with the added distinction of being time stamped and geo-located on a global map.  Therefore, all content is automatically verified and reliable.  

Our goal is to turn every cell phone user into a prospective verified digital witness of important events when time and place coincide with news.   The footage remains the property of the person who took it or asked for it to be filmed.  Therefore, it is a great tool for documentary producers and vloggers to ask for and receive their required stock footage globally from like-minded individuals.

This is achieved through “push notifications” where a user of the app can be asked to contribute material based on proximity to news worthy events.  

In order to add as many users as possible to achieve blanket news coverage, the system anticipates many FREE useful social services where location and time are important factors.

Some of the free services:

1.     Home mail delivery
2.     Milk delivery
3.     Private parking
4.     Neighbourhood Chef services
5.     Disease Tracking
6.     Emergency services

We welcome you to establish any other free, private of public services to assist you in connecting with your community and expand it's reach.

iis2iis.com Please use chrome as your browser for the moment.  We are available at the Apple Store for free downloads under iis2iis App.  

Sami Guindi