We are glad to inform you that Institute of Industrial Safety Management (iiSm) has launched various Fire and Industrial Safety Trainings and courses. Our Institute is conducting Site Trainings/ customized Fire and Industrial Safety short terms courses to meet the requirement of various industries. We are always ready to conduct such site trainings or short term courses at client’s site/corporate office. Various training topics covered by us can be visited in details at http://www.iismfiresafety.com/sitetrainingtopics.asp

iiSm is promoted by the HSE Group of Companies, Vadodara (Gujarat) www.hse-consultant.com , a leading consultant in the field of Fire & Industrial Safety, Risk assessment, Safety Trainings etc at India in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana, H.P, Delhi and NCR, Rajasthan and J&K. Its list of clients include  Reliance, GNFC, Essar, Maruti Udhyog, BASF, Coromandel Fertilizers, GACL, Godrej……………more than 100 clients all over India.

Trainings Offered by iiSm (For more details visit http://www.iismfiresafety.com/sitetrainingtopics.asp):

•      Behaviour Based Safety Training Program
•      Construction Safety Training Program
•      Drivers Training for Carrying Hazardous Material
•      Emergency Preparedness Training Program
•      Fire prevention Control Training program
•      Hazard Communication Training Program
•      Hazard Identification Risk Analysis Training Program
•      HAZOP Training Program
•      Hydro Construction Safety Training Program
•      Industrial Safety Training Program
•      KYT Hazard Predictive Training Program
•      Machine Safeguarding Training Program
•      Material Handling Safety Training Program
•      Safety In Cement Industries Training Program
•      Safety In Chemical Industries Training Program
•      Safety Through Personal Protective Equipment
•      Static Electricity Safety Training Program
•      Vessel Entry Safety Training Program
•      Work Permit System Training Program
•      Working At Height Safety Training Program.docx
•      Safety Training Program Falls & Stumbling to Contract Worker
•      Training Module for Trainers Training for Fire Fighting System
•      Training Schedule for Drivers Carrying Hazardous Material
•      First Aid Training
•      Home Safety Training Program


Fireman, Fire officer, Safety officer, Post graduate diploma in fire & disaster management.

Our Services
•      Safety Audit (as per IS 14489: 1998, Factory Act 1948 & State Factory Safety Rules,    
      OISD, PNGRB Jan’10 Notification for Oil & Gas, BS 8800, AS/NZ 4801)
•      Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) as per MoEF & World Bank Guidelines by using
       Softwares Viz. PHAST RISK, Safeti, ALOHA
•      HazOp Study (As per IEC standard (61882) & Chairing the Hazop study (3rd party)
•      HazAn study (FTA, ETA, FMECA)
•      HazId (Hazard Identification)
•      Safety Index
•      Safety Manual / HSE System Manual (SOP’s, WI & Formats)
•      Safety Report (As per MSIHC Rule)
•      On-site & Off-site Emergency Plan, Disaster Management Plan (As per MSIHC Rules 1989,
      Rule 11 & 13)
•      Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)
•      Process Safety Management Audit (PSM Audit) as per CFR 1910:110 OSHA
•      Accident Investigation
•      Hazardous Area Classification (As per IS 5571, 5572)
•      Lightning Protection Survey (As per IS 2309)
•      Electrostatic Survey (As per IS 7689)
•      Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) (As per PAS 79, OISD. TAC, NFPA Guidelines)
•      Fire Audit (As per OISD. TAC, NFPA Guidelines)
•      HIRA