established March 2004
location Newcastle on Tyne, England, UK.
CEO  Gordon Stamp

IJustGotta is a group of ecommerce websites acting in the capacity of Merchants Affiliate and specializing in the sale of all products covered by the general classification of "gifts"

The broad term definition of "gifts" ensures that any and all products likely to be of interest to or relevant to a person, home, business, lifestyle, education, environment, occupation, hobby or interest qualifies for inclusion.   As such IJustGotta provide extensive promotion facilities for their Merchant Suppliers together with the widest possible product coverage for their website visitors.

Websites covered by the IJustGotta Group number 20 Main Sites with IJustgotta.com being the parent and the remaining 19 covering Niche situations.      The Main Sites themselves incorporate direct dynamic links to hundreds of other websites controlled by the Merchant Suppliers.   All together IJustGotta provide for their visitors direct access to hundreds of websites, hundreds of thousands of web pages and in excess of 4 million individual products.

All products listed are fully illustrated, described and priced and include delivery details.   For the convenience of visitors product supply sources are shown seperately for USA/North America and UK/Europe, however products are sourced from all around the World and the majority are available for worldwide delivery including other International Countries.  

All sites are dynamically updated with the latest information from Merchant Suppliers to ensure that site visitors always have access to the latest product information and prices together with any Special Offers currently avaible from Merchant Suppliers.

Flagship website is ijustgottagiftbox.com which is believed to be unique in offering all Online Shoppers immediate and direct 1 click access to over 4 million products through a simple Desk Top Icon called the Gotta Gift Box.   This totally eliminates the necessity to search for these products by the conventional search engines and browsers.    A highly acclaimed free service which not only saves visitors both time and effort but also guarantees the visitor always views the very latest products, prices and special offers by dynamically auto updating all links.

The Gotta Gift Box is a popular application valued by users for its simplicity, time saving, massive/wide/varied product coverage, rapid product access, value comparisons and unique 1 Click Gift Finders.

The  IJustGotta Gift Box is 100% Free!   That means no cost,  no charges now or ever, and absolutely no obligations, commitments or conditions.  

Shoppers can elect to take it then discard it if they so wish but IJustGotta believe that once they've got it they will never want to let it go.

The  IJustGotta Gift Box is available from http://www.ijustgottagiftbox.com/giftbox-subscribe.htm