A barrage of security breaches in recent times: Yahoo- 237 mil. Usernames/passwords. Heartbleed bug. Target– 70 mil. Users; 40 mil. credit cards. Neiman Marcus– 350k Usernames/Passwords; 9k+ fraudulent uses. eBay– 233 mil. users. Home Depot– 56 mil. shoppers. Google– 5mil. Users. JP Morgan Chase–76 mil. Households; 7 mil. small businesses, finally the master passwords (the weakest link) to LastPass – the leading password manager, hacked, not to mention, the Nigerians; the Chinese; Russian hackers; Kim Jong Il. – We could go on and on, but by the time you read this page, there will be hundreds of more usernames and passwords compromised.  

Until now, users had to depend on solutions that did not work or too cumbersome to use such as, RSA tokens, OTP (one-time-passwords), ridiculous verification questions (such as "what is your mother's boyfriend's second cousin's dog's name?..."), complicated passwords (such as minimum 8 characters, 1 cap, 2 lower case, 1 number, 1 special character, 1 upside down character, and one character that does not exist on the key board....not to mention you need to change it every morning).

And finally there is a simple un-hackable solution!

iKeyPass today announced the release its first commercial product: The iKeyPass Security Authentication Plugin for WordPress.  Please visit: (https://wordpress.org/plugins/ikeypass/) iKeyPass, offers the safest, almost-break-proof, online x-factor User Authentication solution in the industry – unpredictable & dynamic! User Defined. And device Independent. The new Standard in the Industry!

Their patented technology solution offers:
   An independent authentication gateway for online user access.
   A user defined dynamic passcode that is almost impossible to predict or crack!
   Absolute user control based on user defined formulas.
   Multi-level user defined authentication.
   No token, no mobile device and no fingerprints to deal with * anywhere *anytime * any device *

For more information on iKeyPass, visit www.ikeypass.com or e-mail: info@ikeypass.com