2010 KEEP THE CLOTHS ON AND THE HANDS OUT OF THE DIAPER!   As parents of a special needs child  Dave and Sherry Cavaliere know your days and nights.  After experiencing several “poopisodes” with their four year old son they developed a solution. The Wonder Jumper is a soft, tag less 100% cotton romper that is designed to zip up the back.  This simple unique feature allows for complete freedom of movement while eliminating that seemingly innate ability of some kids to disrobe and go exploring in their diapers.  “You couldn’t imagine the chaos and horror when I entered my son David Matthews room responding to my wife’s plead for help.  IT WAS EVERYWHERE!  David Matthew had disrobed (again) and he had feces in his hair, on his face it was even under his finger nails.  I remember lifting him from under his arms carrying him into the bathtub.  We had to clean his carpet, bed spread, sheets, pillow cases and numerous toys.” –Dave Cavaliere

The Cavaliere’s soon learned that disrobing was not only common with special needs children.  Many “normal” developing kids go through a stage where they disrobe and play in their diapers.  The Wonder Jumper is produced with attention to detail.  Lightweight yet durable cotton is used for comfort and long wear.  Soft seams with no rough edges and of course no tags to bother texture sensitive kids.  They come in blue, brown and green and in size 2T to youth 6.  

The iKids Fashion website is full of anecdotal stories and has links to helpful resources for the parent or caregiver of special needs children.  “We want iKids to:  Provide hope, dignity and style to young lives”-Sherry Cavaliere