Iknow LLC is one of the world’s leading management and technology consulting and systems integration firms in the field of knowledge management. Iknow helps organizations capture, organize, and apply their knowledge to improve performance and achieve their mission.

For fourteen years, leading businesses, governments, and other organizations have turned to Iknow to help them better manage and unlock the value of their knowledge assets. Specifically, Iknow helps its clients:
     Capture, save, and reuse intellectual assets,
     Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of teams and business processes,
     Extract insights from data and improve the quality and speed of decision-making, and
     Increase collaboration, enable innovation, and grow.

Iknow’s solutions involve redesigning business and knowledge processes, reengineering work, organizing enterprise content, and designing and developing leading-edge software tools, systems, and platforms.

Iknow LLC was founded in 2001. The company’s corporate headquarters are located in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. Iknow has earned a Better Business Bureau rating of A+.

For more information, please visit:
     Iknow’s website at www.iknow.us,
     Iknow Government Solutions’ website at www.iknowgs.us.

Iknow offers a portfolio of consulting and systems integration services. Our professional services fall into five groups.

     Strategy Services. Iknow’s Strategy Services include defining an organization’s knowledge management agenda, conducting enterprise-wide knowledge management audits, assessing current initiatives, defining relevant performance measures, building business cases for investment in KM, prioritizing KM projects, and establishing a KM program roadmap.

     Content Services. Iknow’s Content Services include designing information architectures, creating taxonomies and metadata, capturing and harvesting knowledge, migrating and cleansing content during system upgrades and replacements, and developing content-related policies and procedures.

     Process Services. Iknow’s Process Services include documenting business and knowledge processes, discovering and capturing business rules and decision logic, and designing/ redesigning processes.

     Technology Services. Iknow’s Technology Services include assessing existing/legacy systems and technical infrastructures; capturing business requirements and developing use cases for new systems; evaluating and recommending new software products; conducting software pilots/proof-of-concepts; and designing, developing, configuring, and customizing new software tools and systems.

     People Services. Iknow’s People Services include defining roles and responsibilities, establishing policies and procedures, creating the enablers to support collaboration and knowledge sharing, and designing and implementing organizational change management programs.

Iknow has deep expertise in more than 40 categories of knowledge management (KM) technologies and tools. Our expertise includes archiving; business intelligence; business process management and workflow automation; case management; collaboration; community management; customer communications management; customer, competitor, and supplier intelligence; data integration and management; data mining; data visualization; digital asset management; document management; eDiscovery; eLearning; enterprise capture and imaging; enterprise content management; enterprise search; expert systems, qualitative reasoning, and artificial intelligence; expertise profiling/expertise networks; innovation management; modeling and simulation; ontologies; personalization; probabilistic analysis and statistics; project and program management; records management; risk management; social media monitoring; social technologies; taxonomy, classification, and metadata management; text analytics; websites and portals; and other new and emerging information technologies.

Iknow works with clients of all sizes and across all industries—from small start-ups with a single business issue to global corporations with complicated information flows and complex decision making.

Several of our larger, more well-known commercial clients include:
     Accenture
     Amgen
     Best Buy
     Boehringer Ingelheim
     Dow Jones
     Genentech
     Johnson & Johnson
     Nike
     Pfizer
     Proct